Weight Gain and Latex Foam

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Can weight gain be avoided with latex foam products?

Weight Gain and Latex Foam

As is the case with all physical ailments, there are a wide variety of factors that go into creating certain conditions. Weight gain is no exception. By definition, obesity refers to anyone who is 20 percent over the normal weight for his or her age, sex, build and height. More specifically, obesity is determined by the ratio of body fat to body weight. 25% is considered healthy for women and 17% for men. However, in this context we are discussing those individuals who are facingobesity – or suddenly finding themselves on the way there. This is sometimes the result of a life style change and often related to stress, particularly as manifested in sleep deprivation. Certain types of stress, including the physical stress of an uncomfortable sleeping environment, can result in sleep-deprivation which can lead to weight gain. For individuals who are facing this problem, foam products are a possible solution. Latex foam in particular is a more viable alternative to fad products like air beds and number beds, not only because it is more affordable, but also because it is more durable and long lasting. A three inch latex foam topper, for example, can conform to the contours of the body just as much or more than a number bed, and can also be customized for his and her sides. As pressure points are reduced and even eliminated on bones, joints and muscles, the likelihood of achieving a restful night's sleep is dramatically increased. For individuals suffering from a form of sleep-related weight gain, a latex mattress, pillow or topper could help.



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