Not prone to transfer movement

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Is a latex mattress good for couples?

Not prone to transfer movement

The independent cell construction of natural latex is not prone to transfer movement, allowing two people to comfortably share the same bed without disrupting each other with every motion.



10/24/2006 2:16:53 PM
Cole said:

I bought a firm Talalay Latex mattress by SpringAir (labelled RC Wiley Belevedere house brand) about a month ago. The motion transfer is terrible. It also packed down into 2 hard "body impressions", so that when my husband and I try to sleep in different positions we have to roll out of the holes created by our bodies. And it's hot underneath where it's packed down. Basically, very disappointed in having paid >2000 dollars for what is ended up to be a hot, hard futon like surface...


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