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What are the benefits of a foam futon mattress?

Futon Mattress

The futon mattress will likely be as popular in the future as it has been for the last two decades in America, but with an important change. Whereas a futon mattress used to be the sort of bedding item that became rock hard within a season or two, with knotted and lumpy pockets of cotton forming uneven textures in the bed, now there is a futon mattress available that can not only withstand the test of time, but also give consumers the support and comfort they have been craving for so long. Otis is one such futon manufacturer to have picked up on what can be called the new futon era with products like the Haley 110, the Moonshadow Futon Mattress and more. What makes an Otis futon mattress different is that they are made from foam - such as latex, Talalay or memory foam - as opposed to cotton. Latex foam and memory foam are materials that provide a number of health benefits including reducing pressure-points on the body, being anti-mold, anti-mildew and hypo-allergenic, as well as lasting for years beyond what a conventional futon mattress can sustain.

What are my futon frame options?

Futon Frame

There are incontrovertibly a number of reasons to have a futon mattress and futon frame in the house, not the least of which is that futon mattresses are more comfortable than ever. It also goes without saying that a futon frame is a life-saver when it comes to providing for guests without having to give up bedroom or office space. What seals the deal is that new futon frame manufactures like Ramblin Wood are developing frames which look great in a modern style home. Platform futon frames are derived from a European style which offers a quaint Mediterranean feel to any bed room or living room. With add-ons such as extended foot boards, different color woods and a wide-array of frame styles, a futon frame can now be a classy center piece to a modern home. The recent trend in interior design has lent itself particularly well to the Maple wood finish available on many types of futon frame.

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