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Can I reduce my energy bill with waterbed mattress pads?

Save Energy With Waterbed Mattress Pads

Few people realize how much energy waterbeds use when they are uncovered. You can reduce your energy bill and help conserve resources by using waterbed mattress pads. A waterbed mattress pad can help insulate your waterbed and keep it from cooling down too rapidly.

How do I care for my waterbed mattress pads?

Caring For Your Waterbed Mattress Pads

Waterbed mattress pads are used to protect the mattress from becoming dirty or stained. This means that your mattress pad will probably need to be cleaned on occasion. In fact, if you have dust mite allergies, you may plan to wash your mattress pad every few days. To be sure you don't end up with waterbed mattress pads that don't fit properly, read the care instructions before you wash them. Some pads may shrink when washed in hot water or when placed in the dryer.

Can waterbed mattress pads keep my waterbed safe?

Childproof Your Waterbed With Waterbed Mattress Pads

If you have young children, you should be sure to use a mattress pad on your waterbed. Waterbed mattress pads protect the bed from becoming dirty or stained, but they also serve a more important function. These pads are designed to help protect your waterbed from being ripped or punctured. With all the water in that bed, you certainly don't want to spring a leak.

How do I select the right waterbed mattress pads?

Selecting The Right Waterbed Mattress Pads

Waterbed mattress pads come in several styles. While they all protect the top of your waterbed mattress, they do have different features. Before you buy your waterbed mattress pads, you should:

1. Decide whether you need to protect the sides of your waterbed. A standard felt pad with corner straps does not protect the sides or bottom of the mattress, while a fitted pad keeps the top and sides of the mattress protected.
2. Consider your electric bill. A mattress pad with corner straps lets heat escape more rapidly than other models.
3. Think about whether you plan to wash the mattress pad frequently. Felt mattress pads have a tendency to pill up when they are washed, while cotton pads may shrink more rapidly than those made with other materials.

Should I use waterbed mattress pads?

Protect Your Investment With Waterbed Mattress Pads

If you're not planning to use waterbed mattress pads on your new waterbed, you may want to reconsider your decision. Most waterbed warranties state that they are void if waterbed mattress pads aren't used on the waterbeds. The mattress material can become dry and brittle if it isn't protected properly.

Can I use an adjustable base with a Sealy memory foam mattress?

Relax with Sealy Memory Foam Mattresses

If you enjoy reading in bed or watching late night television, you know how hard it can be to get comfortable. While you can try propping yourself up with a stack of pillows, you may want to consider using a Sealy memory foam mattress with an adjustable base instead. The base allows you to adjust the top of the mattress to a comfortable angle so you can watch your favorite show or read long into the night without developing sore shoulders or a stiff neck.

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