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What kind of warranty should I get with a new firm mattress?

Firm mattresses and warranties

Sometimes you and your new firm mattress or extra firm mattress need time together to find out if the relationship is going to work. That means you want a good return policy with the mattress firm that sold you your new bed. If there is a problem and this mattress isn't for you, you'll know within 30 to 60 days of bringing it home, so save your money and don't spring for one of those 10- or 20-year warranties.

What kind of firm mattress should I buy?

Looking for a firm mattress

A firm mattress may or may not be the same firmness consistently across the sleep surface. Sometimes this is a problem, but some companies engineer their mattresses this way deliberately. In effect, they adjust a firm mattress to have a little more “give” in places where there is going to be more pressure, particularly at the shoulders and hips. This way, you get your spine aligned properly, and yet offer extra support for the lower back and abdomen.

How should I shop for a firm mattress should I buy?

Does a firm mattress help back pain?

Most people assume that the firmness of a mattress determines how good it is for your back. The conventional wisdom is that a firm mattress offers the proper support, and an extra firm mattress moreso. The truth is a little more involved. Firmness is not the same as support. The amount of firmness depends on your body type, your weight, how you sleep... in other words, you need whatever degree of firmness or softness is necessary to keep your spine aligned. Consider a bed that will let you adjust a firm mattress if you have special needs.

Is it important to get a warranty with a new firm mattress?

How firm is a firm mattress

Every mattress firm will tell that theirs is the best firm mattress. But what do you need? Firm mattress? Extra firm mattress? Cushion firm mattress? The problem is that if you test one out in the store, it may feel good, but after hours on your feet in a showroom you might be happy with a block of cement. Since mattresses are generally big investments, make sure yours comes with a warranty and is returnable within a few weeks. You can also often have the company haul away your old mattress when your new one is delivered.

Will a firmer mattress help my back pain?

Hard data on a firm mattress

If you suffer back pain, will a firm mattress help? Maybe, maybe not. Many independent orthopedists now believe that a cushion firm mattress is really only helpful if you have back spams. Ordinary back pain from day-to-day has more to do with how your are built and the kind of work you do than the type of mattress you sleep on.

How should I shop for a firm mattress?

Finding a firm mattress

When shopping for a firm mattress beware of jargon. Many companies and dealerships have evolved their own terms to describe their products. This can cause confusion if you are comparison shopping. So terms like “firm mattress”, “extra firm mattress” are meaningless from one brand or store to the next. Don't be put off. If a term comes up, ask the dealer to explain precisely what it means. As for measures of firmness or comfort, go with what feels good.

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