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How should I shop for a cheap mattress?

Testing a cheap mattress?

The internet now has a huge variety of discount mattress dealers offering all kinds of cheap mattresses for you to choose from. Some even offer wholesale mattress discounts. The big drawback, of course, is that you can't lay down on one before you buy it. One option when buying your cheap bed mattress is to visit some local showrooms and try out the different kinds. That way, if you find a good deal online, you'll know if that style of mattress will agree with you.

What difference do coil counts make in a cheap mattress?

How do coil counts affect a cheap mattress?

When you shop for a cheap mattress, inevitably you're going to hear about "coil count", which refers to the number of coils in the mattress. A premium full-size unit will have 400 or more coils, a low end might have 312 coils. Most people can't tell the difference between a high or low coil count and the durability is about the same, so cheap mattresses with lower counts aren't necessarily selling you short. Another mattress buzz word is "coil configurations", which refers to how the coils are organized, that is, into "hourglass", "individual pockets", "sense and respond" coils--don't give it much thought. These configurations also have little effect on the overall performance or durability of the mattress.

How can I simplify shopping for a cheap mattress?

Cheap mattresses: what to look for

Like most other things in life, shopping for a cheap mattress means doing some homework beforehand. Cheap mattresses need not be inferior quality; much depends on where you look, so take your time and shop around. One key factor in doing your research is to decide in advance exactly what you want in a mattress. This way, you can make it clear to a discount mattress dealer that if they can satisfy your requirements, they'll sell you a mattress.

Should I buy a cheap mattress without trying it out first?

What do I look for in a cheap mattress?

The problem with phone-order or internet cheap mattress or discount mattress dealers is that you can't try before you buy. Never buy a cheap mattress bed untried. You are going to be spending about one third of your time using it, and if it isn't comfortable the rest of your waking time will suffer. Shop around, talk to friends, research consumer publications, but there's no substitute for actually trying out mattress models that interest you before you buy them.

How long can I expect a cheap mattress to last?

How do cheap mattresses differ from each other?

Not all cheap mattress dealers are reputable, so educate yourself before shopping for a discount mattress or wholesale mattresses. There have been a lot of improvements in cheap mattresses over the last decade, so unless you're buying from a really low-end dealer, one cheap mattress should last about as long as any other. One thing to keep in mind is that when a mattress starts to sag, it's not the coils that are giving out, it's the padding. So high-quality padding will mean a longer-lasting cheap bed mattress.

What features matter on a cheap mattress?

How can I save additional money on a cheap mattress?

Before you shop for a cheap mattress, it pays to learn about how a discount mattress is made. More expensive mattresses typically have damask ticking, thicker padding, higher coil counts, and a cushion sewn into the mattress. Coil count and configuration seem to have little effect on durability. Sagging in cheap mattresses is caused by the padding, not the coils. Therefore, when comparing mattresses look at for thicker, higher quality padding.

Should I get a foundation to go with my cheap mattress?

Should I get a foundation to go with my cheap mattress?

The foundation or box spring is a bottom structure that provides extra softness and comfort for a cheap mattress. It can be simply a wooden frame covered with boards, a wooden frame with springs, or a metal frame with springs. Some recommend buying discount mattresses and box springs as a set because they are engineered to work together.

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