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Are air beds easy to set up?

Setting up an air bed

If time is of the essence, or you just hate to fiddle with setting things up, an air bed is a good choice. For the most part, air beds require very little time to set up, and usually don't require tools either. You can have your new adjustable air bed or raised air bed set up in a fraction of the time you'll need for a traditional bed.

Why do some air beds use foam in their construction?

Air beds and foam

As the air bed has evolved, they have started to taken on some of the structural features of ordinary mattresses. Air beds today often had foam reinforcement around the sides, and also a foam layer on top to add additional comfort and softness to the air bed. One might think that they compromises the ability to tweak the firmness on an adjustable air bed, but in practice it doesn't. You can still adjust the firmness very precisely. Moreover, the extra foam helps protect the air bed mattress and gives it greater rigidity. In fact many air beds are better described as a regular mattress with an inflatable core.

How does the pump on my air bed work?

Self-inflating air beds

Many air beds not only come with pumps to inflate them, but the pump is actually built into the air bed mattresses. This not only keeps the pump from getting separated from the air bed, it turns the air bed into an adjustable air bed. These integrated pumps don't require a separate air hose, removing yet another potential failure point in the air bed's construction.

How durable is an air bed?

Durable air beds

You may remember those toy airbeds you used to play with at the pool, or took camping as a mattress that usually didn't last very long? Today's air beds are far more durable. In fact, raised air beds especially are incorporating more and more features of ordinary mattresses in order to make them tough and durable. It's not uncoming for a raised to have a surrounding side rail of foam to protect the air chamber, lend support to the mattress, and make it easier to sit on the edge of an air bed mattress. Warranties for a good adjustable air bed can go for as long as fifteen or even twenty years!

Should I get dual controls for my adjustable air bed?

Controls for your air bed

For the two of you, an adjustable air bed can give new meaning to the phrase “domestic tranquility”. You can adjust your side of the air bed to the firmness you desire, and your sleep partner can do likewise. But when you're shopping for air beds, find out if the air bed you're considering has dual controls for each side. This will prevent fumbling around in the night trying to locate the communal firmness control and perhaps waking your partner.

What is the purpose of a topper on an air bed?

Topping your air bed

Many air beds now come with a cover or topper that contains additional padding. Both raised air beds and adjustable air beds have these covers that can be removed for airing the bed, and they can be cleaned as needed. If your air bed does not have a topper like this, you might consider getting one. Not only can it increase the life of your air bed, it can make your sleep even more comfortable.

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