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Should I go with 100% Natural Latex or Talalay Latex?

Should I go with 100% Natural Latex or Talalay Latex?

So your mind is made-up. You know you want to go with latex foam for a mattress topper because it is a natural, renewable resource and provides resistance to mold, mildew and allergies. But the question remains, should you opt for 100% natural latex in your latex mattress topper, or for Talalay Latex, which is only 70% natural? The answer lies in two factors. The first: do you need the 100% natural latex for personal reasons, such as having an interest in removing all synthetic material from your bedding area? The second: do you have a firmness preference that can only be addressed by Talalay latex? Talalay tends to be available in more firmness variations including soft and medium soft. 100% Natural Latex tends to be a bit harder in this regard. So if you prefer a softer latex mattress topper, then Talalay would be an advisable choice.

What´s this talk about a latex revolution?

The Latex Foam Revolution

No one saw it coming. Latex foam has been the unsung hero of the mattress industry for over a decade, but larger companies and consumers have been more focused on gimmicky bedding products like number beds and air mattresses. Latex is simple. That's partly why it's been ignored: how could something harvested from rubber trees and simply pored into a mold be better for your back and general health than something it took years to invent? The answer is quite simply that nature is full of surprises. Latex is hypo-allergenic, biodegradable and thanks to companies like Latex International, available in as many firmness variations as conventional polyurethane foam or memory foam.

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