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Tell me about leather futon covers.

Leather futon covers

Ifyou've ever priced leather furniture, you know that it does not come cheap. But if you have a futon sofa or futon chairs, you can get instant leather upholstered furniture for the price of leather futon covers. It will cost you a lot less.

Can I make my own futon covers?

Make your own futon covers

You have to be a really dedicated do-it-yourselfer to consider reupholstering your own furniture. It takes skill and time, specialized tools... not the sort of thing you do at home. However, making your own futon covers is not all that difficult. If you find a style of fabric that would look great in your home, consider making your own futon cover. Just two rectangular pieces of fabric can bet stitched together into an envelope that will hold your futon mattress. Remember to install a zipper across one end, and you're done.

How do I get the right size futon cover?

Measuring for a futon cover

Futon covers are made for different thicknesses of futons as well as width and length. To get the right thickness, it's best to measureyour futon when it is laid flat on the floor. Don't worry if the cover does not fit exactly; most covers are meant to be just a tiny bit loose. If you have a custom cover made, make absolutely sure of the measurements; most of the time custom covers can't be returned.

Can I use new futon covers to get a new look for a futon?

Futon covers

Need a new look for your living room or den? If you already have a futon, you can change the look by changing the futon covers. Futon covers are available in a variety of fabrics from cotton all the way up to leather futon covers. Try finding out how much it would cost to reupholster that couch of yours, and you'll see what a bargain futons are for the the bold home decorator.

How do futon covers make futons easier to care for than an ordinary sofa?

Futon sofa covers

Futon sofas have one big advantage over regular sofas; you can remove the futon and wash it in the washing machine (you did get a machine washable cover, right?). Use a discount futon cover for everyday use, and a nicer one for “special occasions”.

What futon covers should I buy for day versus night use?

Futon covers for futon sleepers

If you use a futon sofa bed during the day for sitting, and the convert it into a bed at night, the “day” futon cover might not be the best choice for sleep. You can buy fitted sheets for your futon that will fit most standard futon mattresses, making the more comfortable to for sleeping. Just slip the sheets over the cover at night, and remove them during the day.

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