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Can I use aero air beds outdoors?

Using aero beds outdoors

Although an aero air bed can be used outdoors, it's usually best to inflate your aero bed or deluxe aero bed indoors, then move it outdoors. This is in order to save wear and tear on the pump, which needs to be kept away from water and dust. Once the aero bed is inflated, you need not leave it connected to the pump.

Are there aero air beds for pets?

An Aero air beds for pets

So why should the humans be the only ones with a nice mattress. Aero air beds are now available for dogs, small, medium and large. The aero bed for home pets goes under the label of “Aero paws pet bed” and is made to the same standards as other aero beds.

How is a pillowtop aero bed different from other aero beds?

A Pillowtop aero bed

A pillowtop aero bed is similar to a regular aero air bed or deluxe aero bed, except that it adds a qualted mattress top integrated into the mattress. This adds about 2 inches to the overall height of the aero bed, which will add an extra layer of comfort and help alleviate the “bouncy” feeling that some people experience when the sleep on an inflatable mattress.

How do I clean an aero air bed?

Caring for an aero air bed

Aero beds, aero air beds, and aero raised beds are all made of unstainable, tough vinyl designed to provide years of service. However, should you need to clean your aero bed, stay away from strong chemicals. They can damage the vinyl and cause the material to break down. Instead, soap or mild household clearers and water should be used, and be sure to give the aero bed plenty of time to dry thoroughly.

What is an aero raised bed?

The aero bed that's more like a regular bed

The aero raised bed is one of the first air mattress beds designed to mimic the height and feel of a mattress and boxspring combination. The advantages of this kind of bed is that you don't have to deal with a bed frame or headboard. You can get a fully functional, regular-height aero bed for less money than you might pay just for a quality mattress for a regular bed, and it will inflate with its own air pump in only three minutes.

What are the advantages of a deluxe aero bed?

The deluxe aero bed

One disadvantage of an aero bed is that it might not integrate gracefully into your existing bed frame. The New & Improved Deluxe AeroBed has a powerful new recessed pump so you can use this inflatable mattress not only on the floor but also on standard size bed frames, waterbed frames and sofa beds.

Will my fitted sheets fit on a pillowtop aero bed?

Sheets for a Pillowtop Aero Bed

The pillowtop aero bed uses a layer of quilted padding to the top of an aero air bed mattress in order to create greater comfort and insulation. However, this makes the mattress about two inches taller than ordinary aero bed or standard mattresses, for an overall height of about ten inches. If you have fitted sheets you plan to use with a pillowtop aero bed, you might want to check to make sure they will fit. So-called “deep pocketed” sheets should have enough space to fit on the larger mattress size.

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