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How should I shop for a pillow top mattress pad?

Adding a pillow top mattress pad

If you plan to add a pillow top mattress pad to your mattress, remember that it will add to the total thickness of your mattress. If the pillot top mattress adds too much height, you may need new fitted sheets. Mattresses under 9 inches thick are considered standard products, so special sheets are not needed. Products 9-13 inches thick are considered high contour mattresses thus requiring deep pocket sheets. Mattresses over 13 inches thick are considered custom products and require special sheets.

What are the advantages of a pillow top raised aerobed?

Pillow top raised aerobeds

While most pillow top mattress pads are separate, the pillow top raised aerobed has the pillow top mattress built in. This makes maintenance easier, and you don't have to worry about the pillow top mattress sliding around on top of the mattress.

Do pillow top raised aerobeds come in different sizes?

Find the right pillow top air mattress

Pillow top raised aerobeds are now available for just about every type and style of mattress you're likely to find on the market. They give you the benefit of firm and adjustable air support, a pillow top and the bed is raised, like a conventional mattress set.

What is a pillow top mattress?

What is a pillow top mattress pad?

A pillow top mattress pad, also called a pillow top mattress, is a relatively new addition to mattress sets in the last few years. The idea is to put a thin layer of cushioning on top of a mattress in order to give an extra dimension of comfort to the mattress. You might use one to soften an overly-firm mattress or give additional insulation. They can be made of a variety of materials; foam, down, or even a pillow top air mattress.

What should I look for inr a pillow top mattress pad?

What should I look for in a pillow top mattress?

Decide up front what kind of pillow top mattress pad you want. If you've already been shopping for a mattress, then you have some idea of whether you prefer cotton or foam or down. Don't forget to test a pillow top mattress on a mattress similar to the one you already have. Also, some pillow tip mattresses have fancy stitching on them that can add to the price; don't bite. You're not going to see it when the bed is made, and it adds nothing to your comfort level, so why pay extra for it?

What is a pillow top raised aerobed?

What are pillow top raised aerobeds

A pillow top raised aerobed is a pillow top air mattress that lets you add the adjustable firmness of an air mattress to any ordinary mattress. This inflatable pillow top mattress come with a separate control unit to allow for fine, precise adjustments of firmness. The are also easier than ordinary air mattresses because they deflate and inflate much more quickly, and can pack into a smaller space for storage.

Can I use a pillow top air mattress as a regular air mattress?

Pillow top air mattresses

Don't confuse a pillow top air mattress with air beds that are desigend to fuction as a complete mattress. If you try to use a pillow top air mattress on the floor as if it were an ordinary air mattress, you'll probably find that it “bottoms out” unless the sleeper is very light weight, perhaps a young child.

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