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How do I get rid of an old mattress?

Getting rid of an old mattress

Don't keep that worn out mattress. It's worse than buying a cheap mattress. The problem is, most people don't know how to get rid of an old mattress. If you buy a new mattress, ask the store where you bought it to pick it up when they deliver the new set. Many retailers today offer this service as part of your purchase price or for a nominal fee. Another option is to call your local municipality, sanitation department or garbage collector. They usually have provisions for picking up larger items, but you may need to make arrangements in advance.

What about turning or flipping a mattress?

Turning a mattress

If you buy an cheap mattress, the problem of wear and tear will be more acute and so you need to take measures to distribute the wear as much as possible. One way to do that is by turning your mattress periodically. A mattress should be turned regularly, both side to side and end over end to balance wear. Some manufacturers suggest turning a mattress every two weeks when new, and then every month or two after that.

How is today's air mattress different from older models?

The modern air mattress

Today's air mattress is a far cry from that cheap inflatable toy you used to float on the pool, or took camping only to have it puncture the first night. Now you can get air mattresses that can be used in hard side or waterbed inserts, or will work on a standard box spring just like a regular mattress. Another major advantage of air mattresses is tha the firmness can be adjusted to precisely what feels best for you. They are also very portable and can be stored, deflated, when not in use.

How firm a mattress should I buy?

How firm a mattress?

In the past conventional wisdom held that for proper support, you needed a really firm mattress. The problem is that this creates pressure on those places that stick out—your hips and shoulders. However, while a soft mattress can relieve those stress points, if it is too soft it won't keep your spine supported and you get back pain. Today you can buy a mattress that is soft just in those places where you need it to be soft under the hips and shoulders, and firm elsewhere.

Is there a specialty sleep buyer's guide to choosing the right mattress?

Specialty Sleep Buyer's Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress

A new mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make. This specialty sleep buyer's guide to choosing the right mattress suggests that you:

1. Try that mattress out before you buy it. Don't be embarrassed to snuggle down on the mattress right in front of the whole store. If you look around, you'll notice that all the other smart shoppers are testing mattresses out, too.
2. Find out what everyone else is saying about the mattress you want. Other consumers will let you know whether the mattress wore out quickly or felt uncomfortable. or Consumer Reports magazine both offer consumer product reviews.
3. Ask about guarantees and make sure you understand what they cover. A good guarantee will cover anything that could go wrong with the mattress, including saggy middles.

Is there a specialty sleep buyer's guide to memory foam mattresses?

Specialty Sleep Buyer's Guide to Memory Foam Mattresses

If you have aches and pains or are a restless sleeper, you may be thinking about buying a memory foam mattress. Before you make your purchase, review our specialty sleep buyer's guide to memory foam mattresses. To make sure you choose the right memory foam mattress, you should:

1. Take a look at the different types of memory foam mattresses available. Memory foam mattresses are commonly made with latex, polyurethane or visco-elastic material. All of these materials can provide a comfortable place to sleep, but you should try to test out all three types of memory foam before you make your purchase.
2. Find out what other memory foam mattress users have to say about any mattresses you are considering. You can avoid making a costly mistake if you find out the model you are considering only lasts a few months.
3. If you are shopping around for the best deal, don't forget to compare features as well as prices. Sometimes a cheaper price means that you are getting a cheaper mattress.

Is there a specialty sleep buyer's guide to waterbed mattresses?

Specialty Sleep Buyer's Guide to Waterbed Mattresses

A waterbed mattress can be so restful. However, choosing the wrong mattress can really turn your dream sleep into a nightmare. This specialty sleep buyer's guide to waterbed mattresses will help you avoid some common waterbed problems. To make your waterbed mattress experience a happy one, you should:

1. Research the different waterbed brands to be sure you purchase a durable mattress. Talking to other waterbed owners is the best way to find out which beds work best. If you don't know anyone who owns a waterbed, check out or Consumer Reports magazine for waterbed reviews.
2. Always use the proper base for your waterbed. A base that doesn't provide adequate support could break beneath the weight of your waterbed.
3. Never use a waterbed in a room that is not structurally sound. Your waterbed could literally fall through the floor.

What is the risk of a mattress fire?

Mattress fires

Fires involving mattresses are on the decrease. From 1980 to 1999, bedroom fires dropped 70 percent and their related deaths by 61 percent, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. What's behind this success story? The Federal Mattress Flammability Standard, a decrease in smoking and the mattress industry's commitment to safety. Also, the fact that most living spaces in the U.S. have smoke alarms has helped reduce fatalities from mattress fires.

Is there a specialty sleep buyer's guide to getting a good deal on a mattress?

Specialty Sleep Buyer's Guide to Getting a Good Deal on a Mattress

If you are on a budget, buying new mattresses, especially Tempur-Pedic mattresses can really strain your finances. This specialty sleep buyer's guide offers some suggestions on getting a good deal on a mattress. To get the best mattress for your money, you should:

1. Compare prices at several online and brick and mortar retailers. Sometimes that bargain in the newspaper isn't really such a bargain.
2. Ask about delivery policies. Many times, online retailers offer free or reduced shipping and will deliver your new mattress right to your door. If you have to rent a truck or pay a steep delivery fee when buying from a brick and mortar store, you may find that the online retailer actually has a better deal.
3. Find out about bonus items, such as bed frames or new beds. Often, these items are included in the purchase of a new mattress set.

Is there a specialty sleep buyer's guide to innerspring mattresses?

Specialty Sleep Buyer's Guide to Innerspring Mattresses

Although there are many types of mattresses, the innerspring mattress continues to be a popular choice. However, not all innerspring mattresses are created equal. This specialty sleep buyer's guide to innerspring mattresses has some tips to help you pick the best mattress for your money. Before buying an innerspring mattress, you should:

1. Find out what is inside the mattress. Most retailers will have a cutaway view of the different innerspring mattress models they carry. Be sure the mattress has plenty of support and enough padding to keep you from tossing and turning all night.
2. Test the mattress out. Sometimes even the most well made mattress can feel downright uncomfortable, especially if it is well cushioned and you prefer a firm mattress.
3. Ask about warranties. You want to know that your mattress will be replaced if it doesn't wear well.
4. Check out the box spring. When you are buying a mattress set, the box spring is just as important as the mattress. A poorly constructed foundation will cause the mattress to wear out much more quickly.

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