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Are electric mattress pads safe?

Safety and Heated mattress pads

Makers of modern heating mattress pads have gone to remarkable lengths to avoid the problems of older electric mattress pads. For instance, many electric mattress pads incorporate special sensing technology to keep the temperature at a safe--and more comfortable--level. Other systems convert the household AC current into DC before sending it into the mattress pads, and thus completely eliminating the risk of electric shocks.

What is the difference between mattress pads and mattress toppers?

Pads or Toppers?

The terms “mattress pad” and “mattress topper” are sometimes used interchangably. A topper is usually just another layer of padding to add cushioning or softness to a mattress. Usually, a mattress pad refers to a thinner layer of quilting to protect a mattress or add some other feature, as with heated mattress pads or electric mattress pads.

What are the advantages of a wool mattress pad?

Lambs wool mattress pads

Lambs wool mattress pads are like sleeping with a very soft sheepskin rug under your sheet. It's a lot more comfortable than it might sound. They add softness to your mattress. As a wool product it has all the advantages of wool. These kinds of mattress pads offer little support to the back, and tend to matt down over time. Cheaper ones are thinner, and coarser and will matt down more quickly than a thicker and plusher model. Lambs wool pads can be restored quickly with a vapor steam cleaner. They can also be washed, but will tend to shed in the process, so use the steam cleaning method if possible.

I want to learn about heated mattress pads.

Heated mattress pads

Unlike a heating pad, today's heated mattress pads do not feel hot when you touch it. What you will feel is a comfortable temperature, not too warm, not too cool, all night long. You can purchasse electric mattress pads that self-adjust based on the room temperature, so you don't have to change your control setting as the room temperature changes. Because the wires are closer together at the foot end of the mattress pad than they are at the top, you stay comfortable all over.

Do magnetic mattress pads work?

Magnetic mattress pads

Consumers considering the purchase of magnetic mattress pads need to be aware there are companies making unsubstantiated claims on the effects of Magnetic Mattress Pads, and/or using very aggressive sales tactics. So far, despite considerable research by the medical community, there has been no clear evidence uncovered that demonstrates that magnetic mattress pads offer any relief from any kind of illness. If you are thinking about purchasing a magnetic mattress pad, talk to you doctor.

How do magnetic mattress pads work?

The effectiveness of magnetic mattress pads

Magnet therapy is a relatively recent trend in alternative medicine in which magnets and magnetic fields are applied to the body in order to treat illness or improve health. Magnetic mattress pads claim to radiate a soothing sleep field that may help improve circulation and increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. The only problem is that magnetic therapy has not been shown to relieve any form of illness. Moreover, there can be problems for people who have medical devices or implants with a magnetic field, such as pacemakers. These people should not use magnet therapy because it could interfere with the function of the implant.

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