Magnetic mattress pads

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Do magnetic mattress pads work?

Magnetic mattress pads

Consumers considering the purchase of magnetic mattress pads need to be aware there are companies making unsubstantiated claims on the effects of Magnetic Mattress Pads, and/or using very aggressive sales tactics. So far, despite considerable research by the medical community, there has been no clear evidence uncovered that demonstrates that magnetic mattress pads offer any relief from any kind of illness. If you are thinking about purchasing a magnetic mattress pad, talk to you doctor.



1/28/2007 6:47:10 PM
Geary Baxter said:

Actually, there has been quite a bit of study on magnetics in general and is becoming increasingly beneficial to people with arthritis pain. Your suggestion of talking to a doctor may lead them in the wrong direction when searching out answers about magnetics as this field may be out of their area of expertise, like chiropractics. There is a Japanese company that has been doing much to promote the benefits of using magnetics to heal aches and pains. The name of the company is called Nikken.


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