Hard data on a firm mattress

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Will a firmer mattress help my back pain?

Hard data on a firm mattress

If you suffer back pain, will a firm mattress help? Maybe, maybe not. Many independent orthopedists now believe that a cushion firm mattress is really only helpful if you have back spams. Ordinary back pain from day-to-day has more to do with how your are built and the kind of work you do than the type of mattress you sleep on.



11/16/2006 5:17:13 PM
Monica said:

A friend of mine bought a therapedic firm mattress from the kathy ireland's collection about a year ago and says that his back has never felt better in his whole life. He had always had back problems and he has worked at a office for the past four years. Says that the mattress is firm but it cushions his back the right places so it doesn't feel like a firm mattress and that's because the type of mattress that it is.


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