Latex Foam

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What is Latex Foam?

Latex Foam

Latex is the milky sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis. It is a complex intracellular product of a system of cells that synthesize a polymer (cis-1,4-polyisoprene), which is the main component of natural latex rubber. This natural latex rubber is produced in Africa and South Asia, South America, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, where trees are tapped for latex by cutting a spiral groove in the bark and placing a spout and collection cup at the base. This natural latex rubber is then molded into remarkable bedding products like a latex mattress, or a latex pillow. The mattress is usually distributed as either a 6" Nu-Lex or an 8" Nu-Lex or a wide variety of other products including the Carmel, Haven and Natural Lux.

Talalay latex like that available in the Haven latex mattress is a type of latex that differs from pure, natural latex in that it is 30% synthetic. The process that creates Talalay Latex was engineered to augment the already impressive benefits of natural latex by not only ensuring the consistency in feel throughout the entire mattress but also instilling a longer life. This Talalay Latex creates an overall better latex, while still supporting the variations 100% natural latex is found in: Soft, Medium Soft and Firm.

100% Natural Latex is typically recommended for those people who prefer to remove all synthetic material from their sleeping area. This may be the result of allergies, sensitivities to the various compounds introduced by the Talalay process, or other environmental concerns. It's important to note that certain 100% Natural Latex products including the Natural Lux offer the hypoallergenic benefits of Talalay latex mattresses such as the Haven without the synthetic material. 100% Natural Latex is thus recommended for those people with heightened sensitivities to their environment.



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