Natural Heat in Latex Mattresses?

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Is there more heat in latex?

Natural Heat in Latex Mattresses?

Heat in a Latex Mattress
Some people may or may not notice that their natural latex or talalay latex mattress seems to retain more heat that other mattresses they have grown accustomed to. While latex actually is more breathable than many types of foam, it seems to be able to maintain a slightly higher average temperature during the course of the evening. While a latex mattress has many benefits including being hypo-allergenic and noticeably comfortable, there are other issues to consider. For those interested in trimming down the amount of sheets and blankets needed throughout the evening to keep cosy, this can be a blessing. For others, perhaps those located in more hot and humid climates, it may be advisable to pick-up a platform bed frame that has slats beneath the mattress that aid in circulating air through the latex foam.



7/28/2006 6:16:44 AM
Lee said:

My first night in a latex mattress had me experiencing 'burning' temperatures on the side touching the sheet. We have a woolen underlay between us and the mattress. I'm hoping this is not 'normal' otherwise the latex mattress is out the window, expensive or not


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