100% Latex Now Manufactured in the United States

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What is Latex International?

100% Latex Now Manufactured in the United States

Prior to the beginning of 2005, it was difficult if not impossible to find 100% natural latex that was manufactured within the United States. Latex has traditionally been imported from Sri Lanka, where it was molded into foam from the latex rubber of its indigenous forests. While latex foam manufactured in Sri Lanka is of high quality, limitations in the manufacturing process meant that 100% natural latex mattresses and toppers could only be found in medium and firm variations. There was also the side-effect of an uneven molding process which could sometimes create uneven foam palates. Latex International, a company based in the United States has introduced both a 100% natural latex line and a Talalay latex line. These new latex lines introduce new variations in firmnesses, including soft, medium-firm, and extra-firm.



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