Latex for Stress

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Can a latex mattress help with stress?

Latex for Stress

Stress in the most general sense refers to any reaction to a physical, mental, social, or emotional stimulus that enacts an alteration to the way we think, perform or feel. In this light, stress is anything having to do with change and how we react to it. Without a doubt, some people respond to stress in different ways than others. For some it takes more of a toll on mental energy and for others it manifests in the form of physical ailments including sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep in of itself can be a leading cause of stress, and it is in these important cases that the benefits of new foam technologies like latex foam, memory foam and polyurethane foam can help promote a change in irregular sleeping patterns. Latex foam products including latex toppers, latex mattresses and natural latex pillows have been shown to reduce and even eliminate the need to readjust the body during sleep. Consumers have noted that they are able to rest in one position for hours, even the entire night. Because almost all body organs react to stress, there is a multi-front battle that needs to be fought in order to reduce pressure points on the body (which create bone stress) so a more restful night can eliminate organ stress and eventually remove certain types of psychological stress altogether.



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